Best Movies Recommendation For December 2023

Best Movies Recommendation For December 2023

Best Movies Recommendation For December, a month draped in the shimmering tinsel of anticipation. The air crackles with the promise of festivities, loved ones gather, and the world seems to exhale in a collective sigh of cozy contentment. But amidst the joyous pandemonium, a question arises: what to watch?

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

One thing we need to know before delving into the retro, slightly surrealist world of “Mujeres al Borde de un Ataque de Nervios” is that we will encounter an entire feminine fauna. Uncertain, jealous, irrational, and even criminal, the women on the verge of a nervous breakdown will bring you to the brink of laughter. The film is a tour de force through the imaginatively runaway world of Pedro Almodovar, and of course, his favorite actress couldn’t be absent: the androgynous Rossy de Palma.

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!: Best Movies Recommendation For December

Translated as “Atame!” in Spanish, “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!” puts another muse of Almodovar into the spotlight: Antonio Banderas. If you’re accustomed to the Banderas of Zorro or Desperado, you’ll be surprised to discover an actor who can convincingly play the role of a madly in love individual who bursts into the life of the woman he believes he loves and kidnaps her. The film’s metaphor is highly suggestive; after all, love can be understood as a relinquishment of freedom, a willingly accepted captivity.

Amores Perros – HBO Max

Best Movies Recommendation For December
Best Movies Recommendation For December

“Amores Perros,” translated as “Love’s a Bitch,” tells the story of three animal lovers linked by a car accident, the scene with which Inarritu’s film begins. Octavio (Gael Garcia Bernal) causes the accident while trying to escape local thugs who had shot his dog. The young man is far from innocent, using his Rottweiler in an attempt to raise enough money to run away with the woman he loves, coincidentally his brother’s wife. The universe he enters, where animals fight to the death without gaining anything, is presented unapologetically by Inarritu, illustrating the mechanism of the entire society. The film weaves together the destinies of three characters caught in a struggle where they have little chance of success.

Aquarius (2016) – Best Movies Recommendation For December

We wholeheartedly recommend “Aquarius.” It exudes a tonic optimism with which you will resonate, just like the samba rhythm of Brazilian life. “Aquarius” made the rounds of the most important film festivals in 2016 and reached the top 10 films of 2016 in the world’s most prestigious cinema magazine, Cahiers du Cinema.

“Aquarius” is a profoundly human drama in which the main character, Clara, well beyond her youth, enjoys life in Brazil. Despite everything happening around her—real estate agents with ill intentions towards the building she lives in, illness, the fact that all her children have moved away, and she is a widow—Clara revels in life.

“Aquarius” is one of those dramas that seduce you, regardless of your age. Sonia Braga, the actress in the lead role, exudes so much zest for life as Clara that it becomes contagious, in her struggle against moments of despair or against an abusive system. Clara’s story is simultaneously an insight into the feminine emotional universe, exposed through memories and flashbacks inundated with melancholy. Read our review of Aquarius.

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