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Inspired Gambling

If you are a fan of movies and gaming, find out that now you can combine them thanks to the themes that the developers have used. It is not at all that easy to be able to launch tens of thousands of games without being able to get inspiration from somewhere, and as there are really successful movies, they sparked the interest of the providers who got down to business and brought to life silly games that today are sought after by fun-seekers.

What do movies have in common with gambling? First of all, the fact that you can bring them all directly to your home online. It takes a lot of imagination to be able to focus on releasing games to this field, but there are always sources of inspiration. For example, the cinematography industry was one of those elements that formed the basis of the design of some games that can also be played in Romania through SlotV Casino, one of the newest licensed gambling operators in our country. Users of the platform have access to a wide range of games, including some inspired by hit series.

Here is the list of 5 series that inspired gambling:


The year 2013 will remain in the history of series lovers because that’s when “Vikings” debuted, where you are invited to get to know the brutal and at the same time mysterious world of farmer Ragnar Lothbrok who later became a warrior. Played masterfully by Travis Fimmel, Ragnar is considered the greatest hero of his era.

The farmer-warrior is not alone on his way to conquer the territories, he is joined by other Vikings as well as his family. Fearless and a prominent representative of Norse traditions, he is said to be descended from the god of war, Odin. The series ended in 2020, but continued on the five reels and three lines of the game Vikings created by the provider NetEnt starting from the main characters of the series.

Here are some gambling facts related to the series Vikings

  • Vikings is a historical drama series that follows the legendary Norse hero Ragnar Lothbrok and his descendants.
  • While gambling is not a central theme in Vikings, it does depict scenes of characters participating in various forms of entertainment, including dice games and drinking games.
  • The main cast members of Vikings include Travis Fimmel (Ragnar Lothbrok), Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha), Alexander Ludwig (Bjorn Ironside), and Gustaf Skarsgård (Floki).


Pablo Escobar is said to have been the greatest drug dealer in history, and a story like his has been brought to the public through countless movies. Narcos is one of them and debuted in 2014, starring actors Pedro Pascal, Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook and many others who recreated the last moments of life and how the “King of Cocaine” ended up to be hunted by foreign agents.

The story of the series that spanned three series tells exactly the real story of the spread of drugs around the globe and how the authorities intervened to put an end to this phenomenon. Huge efforts were made by law enforcement to control the situation, which led to real local wars, and all of them are centered on Pablo Escobar. Equally fascinated were the managers of NetEnt who launched the “Narcos” slot in 2019 and whose action takes place on five reels, three rows and 243 payment combinations.

Here are some gambling facts related to the series Daffodils

  • It seems there might be some confusion here. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, there is no series called “Daffodils” that is widely recognized or associated with gambling.
  • If you are referring to a different series, please provide more information, and I’ll be happy to assist you further.

Game Of Thrones

It’s almost impossible not to hear about Game of Thrones if you’re into movies. It has held the top spot for several years among the series charts of specialty platforms. The first episodes appeared in 2011, and in 2019 it ended. During this period of time, he managed to obtain countless awards at the most important cinema galas.

The theme of the series brings several powerful families who want absolute control over the Seven Kingdoms face to face on the battlefield. Emilia Clarke, Peter Dinklage and Kit Harington played the three most sonorous characters that you can also meet again in themed slots inspired by Game of Thrones

Here are some gambling facts related to the series Game of Thrones:

  • Game of Thrones is a highly popular fantasy series based on the novels by George R.R. Martin. It features a complex storyline involving various noble families vying for control of the Iron Throne.
  • While not primarily focused on gambling, the series does include scenes where characters engage in games of chance. For example, Tyrion Lannister is known for his love of gambling and is often seen playing strategic games like Cyvasse.
  • Some notable cast members from Game of Thrones include Peter Dinklage (Tyrion Lannister), Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), Kit Harington (Jon Snow), and Lena Headey (Cersei Lannister).

At Casa De Papel

La Casa de Papel, Money Heist or the Money Factory in Romanian debuted in 2017 and for four years could be watched with real interest on specialized platforms dedicated to the newest films. “The Professor” is one of the main characters behind the biggest heists in history. Alvaro Morte played very well one of those characters who didn’t miss a single episode of the 41 series.

El Professor is the character who has recruited a gang of thieves with whom he wants to commit the biggest heist in history. The main characteristic of each chosen robber was to have nothing to lose. The delight of the series was the fight with law enforcement and how every time El Profesor, Berlin, Tokyo, Helsinki and everyone else in the band managed to outsmart the authorities. The supplier Skywind Group released two versions inspired by the theme of the series conceived by Alex Pina.

Here are some gambling facts related to the series La Casa de Papel (Money Heist):

  • La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist, is a Spanish heist crime drama series. It follows a group of robbers who plan and execute intricate heists on the Royal Mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain.
  • While the main focus is on heists, gambling does play a minor role in some episodes. For instance, characters engage in poker games during downtime between heists.
  • The primary cast members of La Casa de Papel include Úrsula Corberó (Tokyo), Álvaro Morte (The Professor), Itziar Ituño (Lisbon), and Pedro Alonso (Berlin).

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Gene Roddenberry is the creator of the Star Trek: The Next Generation series that has kept sci-fi fans on their toes. The 176 episodes spanned seven years, from 1987-1994. Captain Jean-Luc Picard must now raise a new generation of Fleet officers and all aboard the starship Enterprise-D whose mission is to go where no one has gone before.

The action takes place in the 24th century almost eight decades after the adventures of the Enterprise. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the successful series of the original Star Trek variant that appeared in 1966. The same developer Skywind Group is responsible for this adventure that continues on a game grid consisting of five reels, four rows and 50 paylines.

A really successful series is appreciated by everyone, whether it’s their favorite genre or not. Gambling providers were also impressed by certain movies and as a result there were movie-inspired slots that today can be played both on PC and on the motive device.

Certainly! Here are some gambling facts related to the series Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation is a science fiction series set in the Star Trek universe, serving as a successor to the original Star Trek series. It follows the adventures of the crew aboard the starship USS Enterprise-D.
  • Gambling is occasionally depicted in Star Trek: The Next Generation, with characters participating in games like poker and various alien gambling activities during their leisure time.
  • The main cast members of Star Trek: The Next Generation include Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Riker), Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data), and Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi)

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