ANT1: What will we see in the new season?  Series and shows

ANT1: What will we see in the new season? Series and shows

A full program is planned by ANT1 TV Series 2023. Shows, entertainment and information, every day, but also at the weekend. What does the channel want to achieve and what is it investing in the most?

In the new season, ANT1 throws his strongest card on the table: The Witch. A very expensive series, which has already created high expectations for us. The work behind this project is huge and everyone is trying their best.

Tzortzis Pofantis mentioned that in order to achieve this, some others came second. The amount invested for this particular production is huge. Of course, there are other notable projects in the field of fiction, which are here to stay. What are these;

ANT1 TV Series 2023

Investing in fiction

Without comedies, the new season (2023-2024) begins on ANT1. Except Witchthe channel also brings to our small screen the series “The first of us“, a social serial with many meanings..

The green light for the second season was also given to “Trapped“, with the developments taking your breath away. The channel’s plans include the new story “Women of Fire”, directed by Grigoris Karatinakis, also a drama series.

The Psycho girls, as we wrote, they will be shown in October 2024, perhaps from the ANT1 Plus digital platform to begin with and later on the channel’s air (as is and will be the case with other ANT1 Plus series).

Entertainment shows

Regarding the rest of the program and the entertainment shows that we will see in the new season, Tzortzis Pofantis said to Maria Andreou at “Espresso”:

“I don’t know if the 10.00-13.00 weekend entertainment zone will bring us the ratings and advertising revenue to activate it. Better to throw that money at another two-episode prime time series. In our daily program until the end of December in the zone 16.00-18.00 we will have Sophia Aliberti. That’s when her contract basically expires, so we have her show for that zone.

“Also, we are thinking from February to throw the “YFSF». Ideally, I don’t see a better presenter than Zeta Makripoulia. Of course, I don’t know what she will do with the theater. The “Rouk Zouk” continues, as well as the “Millionaire“, the “5×5” (but we haven’t settled on a presenter) and the “The2night show» with Grigoris Arnautoglou.

“With Giorgos Liagas, we are discussing the expansion of his team, to include two to three new faces. We’re not done yet. We also want to boost the entertainment part of “Morning“, and not just the informative one. I think ANT1 this year paved the way for human quest stories. This was done with the series “Serres” and with the series “At 4”. We did them a little wrong with the World Cup.

“Human stories will concern the world. Yes, we think about the “Serres 2“, and Giorgos Kapoutzidis thinks about it. We will also do another round of “Dragon’s Den” from October but also from “Traitors» with Markoulakis. We are always looking for new concepts at ANT1 and we will surprise you! We also talk to him Saki Tanimanidiswe are also discussing other concepts, maybe even travel ones, differently, from 2024. We continue with the “False rumor” with both “Arvyla” and “Vinyl».

Here are some key points from ANT1 TV Series 2023:

  • New shows: ANT1 will be airing a number of new shows in the upcoming season, including the Greek adaptation of “The Good Doctor”, the crime drama “The Cleaning Lady”, and the comedy “The Neighborhood.
  • Returning shows: Some of ANT1’s popular returning shows include “Sasmos”, “Stis Alitheies”, and “The Voice of Greece”.
  • Special events: ANT1 will be airing a number of special events in the upcoming season, including the live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest and the Greek Super League.

Here are some other key points from the ANT1 TV Series 2023:

  • ANT1 will be focusing on producing more high-quality Greek content in the upcoming season.
  • ANT1 will be investing in new technologies and platforms to deliver its content to viewers in new and innovative ways.
  • ANT1 is committed to providing its viewers with the best possible viewing experience.

Here are some additional details about the new shows that ANT1 TV Series 2023 will be airing in the upcoming season:

  • The Good Doctor: This medical drama follows the story of Shaun Murphy, a young doctor with autism who is trying to make his way in the world of medicine.
  • The Cleaning Lady: This crime drama follows the story of Thony De La Rosa, a Cambodian refugee who becomes a cleaning lady for a mob boss in order to provide for her son.
  • The Neighborhood: This comedy follows the story of a white family who moves into a predominantly black neighborhood in Los Angeles.

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